Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The BEST...or worst...PORNO EVER

So im sitting at home one day playing Nazi Zombies with my buddy when I get a text that changed my life forever. It was another friend telling me about this porn video some guys from his dorm made. They got this girl to come over to their dorm, he called over 5 of his biggest, blackest football player friends. So its this one girl, 5 huge football players, and 4 other equally huge dudes in a room together. You can tell where this is going. Anyway my friend kept texting me about it and how raunchy it was and how it turned out to be the best gangbang porno he had ever seen and talked me into watching it. Now im not a big porn fan, yes I watch it but my quota is probably 100 times less than some guys I know, so im not overly into it. Anyway that being said I get on the internet and get the link off facebook and i clicked. The porn started, and it was a low shot of dick-in-ass. Fine and dandy. Then the camera moves a bit higher. Okay some bouncing boobs, NBD. And then it goes higher...and the girl turns out to be my childhood best friend. Now you must imagine ,for a moment, the wires crossing in my head. Was it still hot? Yes....but no...but YES. The most confuseing moment of triple penatrational-upside-down gangbanging i care to recall. I watched the clip in its entirety and didn't telll anyone else about it. The friend from college didn't know that I know her because I was at a different school across the ocean so i guess the connection never got made, and our friendship(the girl) had been a little slow for a few years as we had been growing apart.

Now everytime I see her i can't get that image of cum covered face out of my head. I litteraly broke out laughing at one point while talking to her. So i guess this is a bit of a wake up for people out there with hot friends. Take a moment to ask yourself, and evaluate, what would happen if you saw this friend in a porno. The answer you come up with may surprise you, or make you blow chunks, but take it from me.... when the dicks actually hit the pussy fan, everything changes.

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